My First R2 Moment

So I have these moments all the time and keep them to myself but I figure hey jack maybe I should share it with everyone and let them get some moments off their chest.

R2 moments are just Random Rant moments that just completely dumbfound you.

Today’s moment: Does anyone want to drive during morning rush hour?

So I just don’t understand why there are so many people on the road at 7:15 am, on a Friday, with absolutely nowhere to go. I mean, people are driving like they are sightseeing the grass or dead animals on the side of the road (yuck and sad face). I mean I just didn’t know that I was the only one who had somewhere important to go, like a job, that early in the morning. There is no holiday, unless you count tax-free weekend and no one does. I just wanted to get out my car, walk up to the car going 5 MPH, knock on the window and proceed to give them a swift throat jab. Damn ATL Drivers! #georgiapeachlife #R2moment #TGIF #Ihashtagjustbecause



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