Urban-E News: Crisis Adverted at Dekalb Elementary School

Urban-E News – This is a must share!!! Check it out!

Urban EthYcs

In case you haven’t heard about this incident but yesterday a crisis was adverted at a nearby Dekalb County Elementary School, Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy.  A 20-year-old gunman entered the school with an AK-47 and proceeded to take hostages in the Administrative office. While barricaded in the office, he proceeded to shoot at the pursuing police officers.

It was school bookkeeper, Antoinette Tuff, who defused the situation by talking the gunman down. She watched him load his gun as he got ready to head out to the children. She prayed with him, prayed for him and was finally able to get him to put down his weapon.

Ms. Tuff and the entire administration kept a massacre from happening. This is news that needs to be shared around the black community. As much as we hear about killings from black  student to black student, fights between black faculty members…

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