[Mid-WYFE’s Motivation] Reminiscing as a Reinforcer

Some days I just like to take a look back at photos and videos to reminisce on where I’ve been and who I’ve met. Remembering when I had no clue who was calling as the phone rang, or having to read a book to find the definition TetherBallto a word. I remember recording songs off the radio with my cassette player or playing tetherball on the playground…Do they even have a tetherball on playgrounds anymore?tumblr_m825bq79V31r42kj4o1_500

Even on a personal tip, I remember the crazy hair styles and clothes I use to wear to stay in style; Tommy Hilfiger plaid shirts, Ralph Lauren Polo shoes and crisp, creased jeans. I remember going to the Dollar movie theater with friends and Fridays nights filled with high school football and basketball games or a quick getaway to the originalnearby skating rink to party.

Even from my college days, I have to take a moment to remember those events that help turn me into the woman that I am today; the best friend that I’ve kept since preschool and the best friends since high school and college. I’ve gone from working as a front entrance photographer at Six Flags to managing client portfolios for courses around the world.

At times I wonder if I have made the best choices in life, but why wonder too hard because those choices have taken me to the place where I stand now. It feels great to look back in the past and see the steps I’ve made, whether easy or hard, and know that God has blessed me enough to find happiness in everything that I have today.

Take a moment to reminisce on where you have been. Let it reinforce where you are trying to go. Stand proud at your present moment and know that the best has yet to come.

Have a great week Mid-WYFE fam!


Justin Timberlake Reminiscing at the 2013 VMAs




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