Mid-Wyfe Monday Motivation: It ain’t that bad…

So today I woke up on-time but to cold rain, freezing winds, and to top it off a dead battery to only solidify my lateness to work. For some this would totally mess up their Monday but for me it was a little laughable. I mean sure there was a chance that I could have driven through one those monstrous puddles of water causing my engine to stall or maybe my car could have stopped on hwy I-75 in the fast lane in the disastrous morning traffic. But it didn’t. There were a lot of things that could have cause this morning to be worse but God blessed me enough to keep me safe and make it manageable. #wonthedoit

Angry Cat says it could be worseThings can always be worse then they are. Never forget that. Maybe I needed to take care of my battery today because tomorrow would’ve been worse (car fire, accident, etc.). Sure my car died but it did so while I was still at my in-laws house dropping off my daughter, giving me a warm place to stay and wait. And yes it was raining and cold, but my husband still had time to swing by and give me a jump so I could go to the nearest Sam’s Club to handle it. And yes I was going to be more than just tardy to work but my boss was more than understandable and it took only 20 mins. to get the new battery.

Today’s motivation: Remember that no matter what, it could always be worse. We have so many blessings that come in so many different forms that sometimes we miss them. Among all the worry, stress and confusion that happened this morning, HE still shined through with my blessings. So whenever you’re loosing yourself in one of those unpredictable, annoying and sometimes costly situations, step back and acknowledge your blessings. #midwyfemov #hiddenblessings #itaintthatbad #lyfelessons


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  1. *SMH* says:

    Yes!! Blessings in disguise. Glad to see you back!

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