[Monday Mid-WYFE Motivation] Pace yourself…Your time to shine is coming

Have you ever looked up and said “Damn, where did the year go?” Well I did this morning. Yeah my year has been pretty exciting with the birth of my first baby, a promotion at my job and my reconnection with the blogosphere but I thought I was going to get so much more done. You know, like run a marathon, put out a book or two, join a Michael Jackson Flash mob (no seriously read it in my post) and so much more.

But maybe it’s not time for me to do all those things? Maybe next year will be my year to get everything done, or maybe not. Sometime I feel so much pressure to complete so much because my motto is life is too short, but that pressure turns into stress and stress does nothing but dampen my desire to complete my goal.


So today’s motivation: Take things one step at a time. Seeking out long and short term goals help to keep us growing as humans, as professionals, as spouses, as parents and so on. But the idea is to not let your goals overpower you so much that you feel failure if they aren’t met in a certain timeframe. Life happens and when it does, it’s never predictable. So take those unpredictable moments in stride and always keep your eyes forward and focused. Your moment will arrive before you know it.

#midwyfemov #eyesontheprize #newyear


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  1. dominique says:

    Totally agree sis!

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