[Mid-WYFE Motivation] Cherish each moment from this season and seasons to come

As much happiness as the holidays bring me, I’m also saddened but the many people that aren’t physically here to share them with me, especially my mom. She has been gone now for 8 years this past December 26th and even the joys of being with my daughter on her first Christmas couldn’t dismiss the sorrow and tears of not having my mommy here.

It’s weird because some years there are no tears just laughter and smiles from those priceless memories of her and then other years those same memories bring tears, anger and sadness. But I’ve been shown over and over throughout these years that there was a purpose, like everything else, for her passing. God always has a plan and he knew that her time was then, no matter what I or anyone else may have thought. Yet and still it doesn’t lessen the loss.

So your motivation, along with my own, this week is to find meaning in the time and memories that we have with our love ones both those still here and those gone. The holidays give us an excuse to come together from all over and celebrate our religion, our traditions and our love for one another. Those events, those memories are what we carry with us through the next year and years to come. Cherish them and enjoy every second. #forevermoments #motherhood

Alfredda Allen (April 23, 1957 - December 26, 2006
Alfredda Allen (April 23, 1957 – December 26, 2006) “Gone but never forgotten”

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