[Mommy LYFE] To make or not to make baby food…Part II

From my previous blog post ([Mommy LYFE] To make or not to make baby food…) I was juggling around the idea of making my baby’s food with the help of the Baby Bullet.

Baby Bullet - product review
There are two different size bullet blenders and blades along with several storage options

So I ventured out on this new discovery and I have to say it was a success. Here is how it went…

I started off by reading the Baby Bullet directions/warnings (they were the same as any blender) and cleaning each piece, which had to be by hand and not with the dishwasher per the directions.

The recipes are easy.

Then I read through the nifty recipe book, which covered all the way up to 18 months, and I figured that I would start off small with puree banana. All I needed was 1/4 cup water, one banana and the blender blade. After blending those ingredients I wasn’t totally happy with the consistency (too runny) so I added two more bananas and got it how I wanted it. I made so much that I filled the 8 frozen cup holder, put some in the fridge for later and had some to serve immediately.

Bananas made with the Baby Bullet
Look at how much 1/4 cup water and three bananas makes!

Overall it was a total success! I think she like it 🙂 I would recommend the bullet to any mommy on this cheap and easy baby food mission.

Making Baby Food
Happy baby, happy mommy! #goodlyfe

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