[Mid-WYFE Motivation / Guest Blogger Spotlight] Nothing is Impossible to Those Who Believe


First I want to thank DNC for inviting me back on Mid-WYFE Crisis. The timing is always perfect – being that I’m excited to discuss something that’s been on my mind.  Also, I’m grateful for the readers of this blog – thanks for taking a moment out of your day to read my thoughts.

For today’s motivation conversation I want to talk about believing in yourself. I know we all hear the cliché ‘believe in yourself’, ‘love yourself’, and other prolific positive affirmations but sometimes the simplest things go over our heads (guilty!). It recently dawned on me clear as the blue sky that certain areas of life aren’t working out for me because deep down I don’t believe in them. Self-doubt has crept in like a weed and planted some strong mental barriers in my mind (sneaky, sneaky, sneaky!). Self-doubt is known to just hang around somewhere in our subconscious, spreading to our ideas and blocking our confidence.

For the sake of conversation, take a moment to think about an area of your life that you feels falls right into place or in other words is right where you want it to be (i.e. financial, relationships, etc.). Got something? Ok. Now think about your belief system in this area. You’re probably very confident that it is exactly where it should be at this time. You feel worthy and believe in it; No doubts about it.

Now take a moment to think about an area that is not working out quite as you would like (i.e. Career, etc.). Got something?  Ok deep down, do you believe in it? Do you feel worthy? If the answer is no (or even not all the time) – congratulations on identifying your self-doubt!

The good news is that you can change outcomes when you believe in yourself.  However, learning to believe in yourself can be the tricky part – especially if you struggle in this area like myself.  While it’s different for everyone, I’d say try EVERYTHING until it works. Try things like:

  • Talking to loved ones
  • Affirming it daily
  • Implementing VPM (visualizing, praying and meditating)
  • Ignoring negative self-talk
  • Pushing past discomfort
  • Putting yourself out there: taking a risk

Eventually you will experience a shift in perception (and all other sorts of tricky positive things happen too). When you believe without a shadow of a doubt – it will be! Because nothing is impossible to those who believe….

Janae Martin

Janae Martin [Contributor]

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