Social Media: When in the wrong hands can be the devil’s playground

I was going through posts and realized that I had this drafted way back in 2012 and totally forgot to publish it. It’s now 2015 and unfortunately I think it still rings true to a lot of issues. So instead of holding off again and waiting for the perfect time to post it, I’m putting it out now!



I want to take a moment and speak about the things I have seen and at one time I even played into over social networks. My thoughts maybe scattered but I’m going to go for it!

I think that social media networks are a great place to meet up with old friends, stay connected with current friends and family, and learn about great things from around the nation and the world. However, I think that those who use it to create ambiguous messaging about others in order to get attention can kick rocks. I get it, at times it maybe an outlet about things that are happening in your life, like for instance my own posts: “BOA sucks…that is all” or “ATL Traffic is a beast…save me”. But I think when the messaging is an attempt to attack someone’s character or anything important to that person, i.e. family, job, etc., that is totally ridiculous and cowardly.

If you don’t have the nerve to step up and say something to that person’s face then why waste others time reading about it. Social media has created this wave of people using their own insecurities to chastise others — I’ve coined this as digital courage. We have to realize that kids/teenagers are learning these same negative responses, via the web, which has now created another monster, online bullying. We have all allowed for it to go way too far.

Again, I can admit that I have participated in a “trash session” or two a while back but I have had to mature and realize that the messages that I was using to answer back, however direct I was, was a waste of my and others time. The initiator just wanted attention.

I don’t know about everyone else but I enjoy being happy and sharing positivity. No I’m not roses and butterflies all day, every day, but on those days that I’m feeling like trashing someone, I find something more productive to do; paint, travel, try new restaurants, makeup dance routines or even just taking it to that person (that’s an idea isn’t it). So much time and effort is put forth into attacking and blasting one another on these networks that we forget who is actually watching, or in this case reading. Our kids/teenagers learn from us. They reciprocate our words and our actions. A lot of kids/teenagers don’t have good face-to-face communication skills because they are creating these fictional personalities through these networks, believing that since adults do it, it must be right. It breaks my heart to hear about murders and suicides that are a result from a status on social media network.

No one is perfect but we can all take some time to reflect and then react in a more positive light. We have to practice creating a distinction between fiction and reality. Then we must teach our younger sisters, brothers, kids, nieces, nephews and so on how to deal with those emotions in a productive and healthier manner. I’ve challenged myself and now I’m challenging all of us to try a more positive stance in the social medial realm.



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