MTV’s “White People” – About time!

I’m not sure if you had a chance to catch this documentary but I did. The Pulitzer Prize wining journalist,  Jose Antonio Vargas, takes on the task of calling attention to white america – seeking answer on how it is to be “white” in America.

No don’t think this is a black/white thing, it’s a white vs. minority thing.

I can really appreciate this special because it allows those who maybe scared to speak up a race forum to speak. Sometimes we, black people, really think that all white people are blind to the issues but they aren’t. Some just choose not to speak on it as to not offend others, and some just agree and don’t feel the need to speak. I’ve always wanted to hear those voices, not just the blatant “white is right” yells. We all must take a step back and see who we are and how we are viewed as a race…[Enter: White People] #whitepeople #racerelations #realtalk

Tell me what you think?

MTV's White people


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  1. JonSosa says:

    I just saw this documentary and I thought it was great. I feel like it was really smart of him to broadcast it on MTV because it will get a lot of our young people to watch it. #goodstuff

    1. midwyfecrisis says:

      Right! I totally agree that it was the best channel to reach most of the young white audience. I just hope it goes viral enough that all of the world’s youth will watch. #thechildrenareourfuture Thanks for reading!

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