Friday Reflections: I gotta say it was a good week!

A good dayThis week started off tough! I had to get my girls back into a school routine which included figuring out what my oldest could wear at her new high school #teenagedrama. Then to match that, I had to get my mind right to deal with the unpredictable ATL school traffic — one day I can make it to work in 35 mins., the next it’s more like an hour. And then on top of that my 13 month old (yeah I count by months because each moment is still precious to me — catch up 🙂 ) starting running a fever that went as high as 102.7 degrees #toddlerteethingissues. I was emotionally exhausted by Wednesday! And then came the sunshine. On the third day of school, my highschooler got it right #noISSissues, my baby’s fever finally broke, and to top it off I posted my first post about my new endeavor, releasing my first book, on the Chronicles and you guys gave me so much love and support that it humbled me and reminded me that God has the path already planned out. All I/we just need to do is have the courage to walk it.

So as I reflect on the week ending on a high note and also to get myself ready for the upcoming release of Straight Outta Compton, coming to theaters next week, I want to celebrate with Ice Cube’s It Was a Good Day. I hope this week has been great for you too. 

I gotta say, today was a good day!

Cheers to the weekend!



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