[Mid-WYFE Motivation] Make a statement for our daughters: Show your self love

Parenting girls in the 21st century is no game and is calling for in-home role models!

H.E.R. Crisis

I was just talking to my boss about how hard it is to raise girls today. I’m sure my mother and grandmother probably thought the same thing but really…there are so many obstacles for them to overcome. They have these reality shows, the digital “fakes” on FB, the gram, snap chat and all those other social media channels. They even have to deal with other girls, a.k.a. “the mean girls”, at their school who themselves are struggling with their own identity but who prey on others to make themselves feel better.

If we could only can get them to understand what reality truly is when it come to their bodies, their hair, and their own thoughts, maybe life’s torments would go a little easier on them. But how do we do that? Me and him talked for an hour throwing out different solutions. Maybe we could tell them it’s ok…

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