[Mid-WYFE Motivation] Healing doesn’t happen overnight so pace yourself


Our life is made of successes and failures, pleasure and pain, wins and losses. Unfortunately, the latter, or more negative outcomes, seem to be what sticks with us – hindering our usefulness to the world.

We get caught up, and hung up, on those “bad moments” which causes us to drown in our own sorrows. So to deflect, or rescue ourselves, from those feelings we try to bypass or disregard those failures, defeats, shortcomings, pains, losses, or however we like to describe them. We just want to get over them. Move forward. Never look back and oh – do it expeditiously.  But in reality we don’t just move on and forget. We go through a process – looking back, mourning, pouting, questioning and even double-backing to almost repeat that same negative action.

Much like scars, we never heal overnight. Scars scab up, itch and irritate us. Maybe even causing us to pick at them, making it worst before they get better. And that’s ok. One day that scar will heal and possibly appear invisible to another person’s eye. But for you, you will never forget that scar no matter how it heals. You will always be reminded where you got it from and how you felt the moment you got it.

That’s a part of our purpose on this earth – to experience both the good and bad. We should be humbled that God allowed us to learn those lessons so that we can share them with others while also locking them away as personal mental reminders.

This week don’t focus on trying to forget the things that hurt you, better yet, make attempts to understand how they have enriched you and now are drivers toward a more successful and happier you.



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  1. Ericka says:

    Great observation!!

    1. midwyfecrisis says:

      Thank you for taking time out to read!

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