[Mid-WYFE Motivation] You may not have to look very far to find those in need


Tis the season for giving! And as we all seek out those organizations to give and volunteer to, please don’t forget to also look to those next to you too. When I say next to you, I mean within your community, on your street or maybe even within your own house. And when I say give, I don’t necessarily mean monetary. Giving could be in the form of additional love, attention, inspiration and/or support.

Sometimes the people who need us most are those who are in arm’s length, and who aren’t willing to ask or raise their hand to say so. Just think about it…

Maybe there’s a family in your neighborhood that has fallen on hard times. You’ve observed them from afar, and can see that there may be things they need but aren’t able to provide for themselves or their family. And since you don’t really know them well, you know they aren’t likely to ask for your assistance. Would a small gesture of inviting them to join you and your family for a holiday dinner this year help to build a new and much needed relationship with them?

It never hurt to ask, right?

What about the nearby school who has been asking for volunteers for different programs. Is there a way that you can take some time out to go be around some impressionable students? Could you spare a lunch shift or get off a little early to help organize, tutor, or mentor a few students?

Remember, it’s take a village to raise a child.

And what about that loved one who is going into this holiday season feeling a little defeated. Life has thrown them some crazy curve balls and they are doing their best to stand strong. It’s that one person who just won’t ever tell you that they need help and truly feel like they would be a “bother” to you. When’s the last time you called them to check on them? Or maybe a quick visit to their house or an invite to yours could do amazing things to their spirit, again opening up an avenue for you to find out how you can be there for them without them even realizing it.

I’ve come to learn that it’s the little things like a phone call, a face-to-face conversation or an unspoken gesture, that could create a lasting, positive impression for a person.

This week, take some time to really think about those who could benefit from you giving something without a certain monetary value. Life is about making moments that are priceless. Moments that are unforgettable. Moments that are unexpected. Moments that touch your soul and are forever etched in your spirit.



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    1. midwyfecrisis says:

      Right on and thanks for reading!

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