[Mid-WYFE Motivation] Wrap up the year on a resounding positive note!

Woman staying with raised hands

The end of the year is in reach and no matter what happened this year you made it! Possibly scarred, maimed, maybe even a little tattered but you made it. It’s now the perfect time to wind down the year on a positive note.

Allow your old demons to stay in 2015 and get your armor ready to fight new ones in 2016 but this time you will be more equipped with wisdom and strength.

As the year ends, let go of bad relationships and focus on improving good ones. Plan out the next best steps to end bad behavior(s) and refocus your attention on growing new, more positive habits.

Reorganize your thoughts and attitudes for 2016 to ensure that next year will be the best year yet.

Now this isn’t a “new year, new you” post. It’s about continually pushing to improve, refresh and refine your being to be better than you were the day before, or in this case the year before.

So this week, get to work! Clean and refresh your mind and body so that next year will be so powerful that you will be amazed and humbled by what blessings surprisingly fall into your lap.



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