[Mid-WYFE Motivation] Life is about the fight

bruce leigh

I’ve always wonder why things seem to come so hard for me. And I don’t mean understanding an algebraic equation or trying not to fall during roller skating. I’m talking about fighting for personal matters of the heart and soul. From fighting about my blackness to my first white boyfriend in elementary, to fighting to stay off probation due to a deceitful standardized test as I applied to college, to fighting for promotions that I felt I deserved even after getting passed over time and time again. I’m sure I’m not the only one on who has thought about this, and to be perfectly honest some days these fights really wear on my mind and body.

Some days when I know I need to fight, all I really want to do is pull a “Brooklyn” (my 20- month old toddler) and fall out on the floor rolling around until someone comes and fixes the issue or removes whatever obstacle is bothering me. But as a grown-ass sane woman, I figured that would be looked down upon so I don’t do that. Instead, I remind myself that this fight, this moment of anguish and hindrance is only apart of life.

Life is like a long race,  you start it off slow, easing into your proper form and as years go by you start moving and noticing obstacles in front of you — top competitors,  your personal time, cramps, muscle aches, chest pains, and the list goes on. But you can’t stop.  Life is about fight through those unsure and challenging moments, pushing you closer and closer to the finish line, so that once you’ve finished your race you can stand proud of not only what you accomplished but how you even got there.

If you fall,  get up.  If a competitor bumps you, run harder and forge ahead.  And even  if your lucky enough to not have anyone or anything in front if you, you still have to do some self-motivating to get you further than you’ve ever gone before.

You’ve got to fight to be great.

This week, stand up with confidence against you obstacle and be prepare to fight. It’s worth it. You deserve greatness so let no one or thing keep you from what belongs to you on this journey called life. Go fight and be amazing.



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