When was the last time you choose originality over imitation?

Yesterday we celebrated the the 58th birthday of the King of Pop, Micheal Jackson. Even in his passing, we still revel and awe about the greatness he brought to not only the music industry but to humanity. He was and remains an icon for his unique fashion trends, lyrics, humanitarian efforts and so much more….

Stepping Back Will Always Remind You Where You’re Going

Back in 2011, I started my first blog — Adventures in Weddingland: Sane in the Insanity. I did it to talk about the chaos of wedding planning and to kick-start my writing obsession again. But I can’t deny that I was scared shitless to finally share my words to others, outside of my small circle, on the…

What’s next after you fail? A World Record.

Sunday morning, I woke up to an article entitled “U.S. Hurdler, Who’s Not Going to Rio, Breaks World Record.” And I said to myself, whaatttt? How does that happen? My confusion drove me to click on the article, my inquisitive nature implored me to read, and I’m so glad I did. Here’s how someone can…

Check out now so you can be stronger later

Desensitize (v): to make (someone) less likely to feel shock or distress at scenes of cruelty, violence, or suffering by overexposure to such images. (Google) The times that we are living in right now, right as I am writing this post, are pulling out an array of emotions: anger, confusion, fear, disgust, sympathy and acceptance. Acceptance….

[Mid-WYFE Motivation] Life is about the fight

I’ve always wonder why things seem to come so hard for me. And I don’t mean understanding an algebraic equation or trying not to fall during roller skating. I’m talking about fighting for personal matters of the heart and soul. From fighting about my blackness to my first white boyfriend in elementary, to fighting to stay off…