What’s next after you fail? A World Record.

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Sunday morning, I woke up to an article entitled “U.S. Hurdler, Who’s Not Going to Rio, Breaks World Record.” And I said to myself, whaatttt? How does that happen?

My confusion drove me to click on the article, my inquisitive nature implored me to read, and I’m so glad I did.

Here’s how someone can break a world record and not make the U.S. Team.

Kendra Harrison, a 23-year-old Tennessee native, has been on a mission to make the 2016 USA Olympic team since she had dominated her collegiate track career at both Clemson (Freshman year) and the University of Kentucky at both the 100 and 400 meter hurdles. She was the athlete to watch for 2015 and 2016 but after a disappointing trails race early July 2016, she was unable to qualify for the team with a disappointing six-place finish.

So on Friday, July 22 at the London Diamond League meet, she ran one more race. But this time it wasn’t for a chance at the team. It was something a little more personal – her own glory. On Friday, Harrison ran the best race of her life. The 100-meter hurdle record stood at 12.21, set by the Bulgarian Yordanka Donkova in 1988. On that day, Harrison knock that sucker down to 12.20 — a new WORLD RECORD. And let me remind you, she wasn’t doing it in hope that a miracle would occur and she would still somehow make the team. No. She did it because she wouldn’t allow another opportunity to go by without giving it her all.

The lesson, in case you missed it.

We will fail. Sometimes the failure will feel worst one day and not so bad the next. But either way, failure is something we all wished at times didn’t happen. But if it didn’t happen, how would we know to be stronger and wiser the next day?

Let me say this in another way for those who don’t believe that they have failed. It is inevitable that we are not at our best every day. And do you know why? Because we are human. Our failures are necessary to our journey through life. But how do you deal with those imperfect moments? Do you wait for it to pass? Do you let the moment takeover your life? Or do you power through those moments, ensuring that it passes sooner than later?

Today’s motivation…

The title of this post may see far-fetched but it’s true. After you have come to an impasse, an obstacle, a failure, move through it. Don’t wait. Don’t doubt. Run hard, harder than you ever had before. And don’t do it to just show the world you can. Do it because you have come to the realization that you were made to bounce back, stand taller and stronger than you were the day before. Tomorrow can be your best day if you are driven to make it so. We are our own worst critics, and also our best motivators. Don’t be disappointed in yourself any longer. Get up and go.



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