Stepping Back Will Always Remind You Where You’re Going

past post

Back in 2011, I started my first blog — Adventures in Weddingland: Sane in the Insanity. I did it to talk about the chaos of wedding planning and to kick-start my writing obsession again. But I can’t deny that I was scared shitless to finally share my words to others, outside of my small circle, on the World Wide Web. But I did it. Who knew I had the balls to, but I finally did it.

ENTER THE devil…

Unfortunately this past week, the devil got real on me. His voice started to creep into the back of my mind, questioning what I was doing.

Why are you writing all the time? Why are you wasting all this time writing about stuff that people may not care about? You didn’t major in literature or journalism, and you’re just like any other woman dreaming about the “what ifs. So why put all this effort toward a far-fetching, exhausting and at times scary dream?

There was only one answer to all those questions: Because.

I know, I know, because isn’t a full answer but it’s the best answer I got. When I started writing, long before 2011, I did it because I needed it to get through hard times with my mom, relationships and internal conflicts. I decided to put more time and effort into writing when I started my blog in 2011 because I needed to do more writing to fill my soul. I had so much I wanted to share. Stories were starting to seep from my fingertips. I decided to take a huge step toward my dream by publishing my first book, even though I wasn’t as versed in the literary industry as other authors, because it was a dream that felt reachable if I just took more time to do so.


After finding my first blog, stepping back to the beginning of what seemed to be a crazy and at times an unreachable dream, I got back on track. I’m blessed and proud of what I’ve started and by continuing to do this thing I love just because, this train hasn’t stopped yet. So what, I’m not exactly sure how I’ll make it to this colossal dream of sustaining my life solely off of writing whatever I want, whenever I want to. That doesn’t matter to me. I plan to enjoy this ride no matter what.

See the idea behind our dreams is to envision where we want to go and then go. Stretching ourselves continuously to get us to that “place”, while not being scared to fight through any obstacles, mental and/or physical, that try to take us off our path.


Don’t be scared to step back. Stepping back humbles you in a way that makes you recognize that your journey, with all its ups and downs, was and is totally worth it. Let the past breathe resilience into your next steps.  And as I take my own advice, here is a heads up on my next steps. Continue on this ride with me!

  • I’m resurrecting my sister blog, Lyfestyle Files with new posts about traveling and parenting. I know my current and past experiences could be very entertaining.
  • Calling All Writers: I want to invite those other kindred spirits who feel it’s their mission to write and tell stories to share something on my blog. I’m here to help get you exposure, so please reach out to me at with ideas for articles that may fit into my blogosphere (see my sites at the bottom of this page).
  • Dropping short stories like dimes: I have so many stories just sitting on my computer that I’m going to force myself to start dropping them as e-reads. Stay on the lookout for some of my new pieces.

Now it’s your turn. What are your next steps?



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