People are going to judge you, but don’t worry…It means you’re on the right path!

Today’s post comes from a semi-selfish place as I’m not only using it to encourage you but also to hype myself up as I get ready to pitch to my first few literary agents. As my mind starts to conjure up possible scenarios from doing these scary next steps, I can help but worry about how I will get judged.


There is a long lists of “issues” that I get judged on; from the way I talk, to my assumed age. And of course the color of my skin plus the slant in my eyes. Hell, I’ve even been judged over the people I date and the friends I keep…but so what.

Each of those “issues” are important pieces that have helped to mold me into the women I am today. I am not perfect but I love who I am; and I’m striving to be the best me every day. So as I get prepared to get judged once more, I charge us all to not give a damn and continue down our path with confidence. As the poetic Tupac Shakur stated…

Only God can judge me!


This week, actively live by that statement and stop allowing the thoughts of others to keep you from your dreams. Just wait. You’ll notice that once you actually accomplish what you’ve been going after, those same negative thoughts that once spilled out their mouths will disappear. To paraphrase the comedic philosopher, Katt Williams, let a hater do their job.

Ladies if you have 14 women hating on you now, figure out how the hell to get to 16 before summer [ends]. – Katt Williams

What hate tells us is that something great is coming and we just need to keep pushing. Use that negativity to add fuel to your fire. 



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