It’s ok to take YOUR moment

As women, we have been blessed with the ability to multitask at incredible speeds and seemingly unlimited quantities. We spend at least 90 percent of our day handling business; taking care of our family and friends; indirectly taking care of others (i.e. sparking up convos, opening doors, letting people over in your lane on the highway, etc.), leaving that last 10 percent to hopefully getting a goodnight’s rest.

But even then, that maybe be hard. You mind may be wandering about what you need to do the next day, what you forgot to do that day, or are your kids okay and still breathing in their sleep (is that last one just me…I still check on my teenagers).
With all that goes on in our lives it sometimes seem impossible to just take a moment. Breathe. Rest. Reflect. Things that we should be more selfish about.


Maybe it’s just me, but even when I’m trying my best to have a selfish moment, I can’t help but think about who needs something, who I haven’t check up on in a while or when was the last time I spoke to so-and-so about their health.

Now I’m not saying this is a bad thing, but recently I’ve run into straight exhaustion. I mean, I’ve sat at my desk literally like “what is going on” because I’ve had so much on my mind. A real life twilight zone moment. Everyone might as while have been walking around with pig faces on.

It’s in those moments that we are made to take a break or else suffer the unknown consequences—insanity, numbness, health conditions. I’m pretty sure we would be heading toward a Get Out moment.


What I’ve been trying to do, which I hope you can follow suit, is taking a moment out of the day to just sit and do nothing but reflect. It’s totally easy and free. Sometimes I even add in some yoga to help center myself. Now this is what works for me—just sitting in a silent, dim room with my eyes closed—but maybe there is something different, but still relaxing, for you to try.

My friends have had to continuously remind me that if I don’t take time to re-up on my energy, focus and internal strength, then there could be no way that I would be able to help all the people I want to in my life.

As your H.E.R. BFF, I’m telling you to do the same thing!

Today, and hopefully every day that follows, take your moment. It may only be five minutes or an hour. The amount of time isn’t as important as the action behind taking the time. Your family and friends need to have you at your best, and the only way to be your best is to take care of yourself first.



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