All the Greats are telling the truth: Gratitude changes everything! Here’s 3 ways to take your gratitude practice to the next level…

May I share a secret to getting the things we want? That secret is GRATITUDE!  Gratitude for what we already have and gratitude in advance for what’s on the way.  I speak to a bunch of women who want to leave their job and pursue a career / business they are passionate about.   I challenge them to be grateful for the current job and the experience / qualities it’s enabling them to enhance.  This creates a space for bringing your passionate self to work, this is where your creativity and entrepreneur mind lives.  Also, be grateful for the ideas and people you will serve in the future.  This type of affirmative gratitude creates the energy to expedite the process of you living the life you want.   What are you grateful for now? What future things are you grateful for? (Reflect on this daily.)

Yes, all the greats are telling the truth: GRATITUDE is the best way to expedite getting what you want and achieving your goals – But not just any ol mediocre gratitude – let’s talk about the 3 ways to take your gratitude to the NEXT LEVEL:

  1. Be grateful in advance: this is a cousin of faith as well as affirmations.  You must know that you know that you know that you know its on the way – so go ahead and be grateful now (this puts you in alignment so fast and helps you take some action you’ll even surprise yourself lol).
  2. Be grateful for it as it is now:  When you know in advance that its coming (see #1) – it’s easier to be grateful for whatever is going on now. Maybe your current situation is trying to teach you something or ever train/prepare you for the future…with this perspective it’s easier to be grateful 🙂
  3. Turn the emotion up – it’s one thing to be grateful but it’s another ball game to be so grateful you are charged up with emotion, goosebumps, tears etc. etc.  Nowww you are operating in a space where you are expediting results 😉


This is truly how to expedite achieving your goals and getting what you want.  Be grateful in advance, be grateful for now, and turn the emotion high.


I challenge you to practice this type of gratitude 2x a day – put reminders in your phone and the results will literally blow you away.  Have a great week!


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