Artwork: “Three Girls Praying” by Pam McCabe


We all have a journey in life that is unlike another’s. Trials and tribulations that you may now know how or when you will get through them. My path is no different from others. I’ve been tried and tested. There was even a time in my life when I didn’t think I would make it another day, that was until I realized and utilized one factor that I totally forgot about: the Power of Prayer.

Now I know people throw that phrase around, and so of you may be like “oh ok, right…”, but I told you I came to testify this morning so let me gone and do what he woke me up to do.


I spent the first 15 years of my life living almost every day at the church—learning scriptures, hymns, traditions, creating a lifetime bond through faith with other kids and so on. A foundation that I didn’t recognized initially because I was too busy taking its impact on my life for granted.

So as I got older, and what I thought was “wiser”, I started to experience those trials and tribulations that change our lives.

Death hit my family hard for five years straight where I lost uncles, aunts, and my grandmother. To cope with these painful emotions, I hoped that I would make it through.

When I was having a rocky time with my friends and boyfriend throughout my college career, I hoped that things would get better.

When I found out that step-father came after my mother physically and she soon started struggling to keep herself afloat financially and physically, I hoped that things would get better for her.

No sooner than I hoped that she would get better, she left this earth unexpectedly, my boyfriend left me, my friends judged me, my world became dark faster than I could ever foresee. And I stopped hoping.

I was broken. Pieces of me scattered across the floor and I didn’t care to pick them up or even allow any on else to do it either.

It wasn’t until my best friend sent me a care package with scents, a notebook, pen and a message that told me to write out my emotions and never forget to pray. Prayer. I did forget to pray, so I started that day.


I prayed that God guide to me a happier place in life, and I moved to Atlanta in one week, got a job in one month and have been her for now nine years.

I prayed that if this man was supposed to be in my life, that He showed me so, and that man has been my husband for five years now.

I prayed to find my way into the marketing arena, and now I’m a manager who is looking to move forward to do so much more.

I prayed that He covers me and guides me on my purpose in life and so He gifted us by bringing with my two step-daughters into our lives full-time; He blessed us with of another child even through a high-risk pregnancy; He let me have a best-selling book and a blog that lets me share my life lessons and encourage others.

His most powerful blessing of all is His gift of determination—moving me through life at times when I may not know or understand where I’m going. But I remain confident that He will always take care of me as long as I always do my absolute best and believe that He would never lead me astray.

That’s what happens when you use the Power of Prayer over hope. Now, don’t think that I got everything that I wanted through prayer, but I did get everything that I needed.

Understand this: when you have unwavering and relentless faith, you will always be blessed!


This week, take time to pray. No matter who it is you may pray to, give them the glory, leave them your worries and remain diligent about walking the path They have laid in front of you. I don’t go to church regularly, but I pray 8-10 times a day because I need Him to know that I’m thankful and I believe. What do you believe in? If hope hasn’t yielded you the life you’ve wanted, maybe finding strength through your faith is where you need to look next. The power is all yours. Use it wisely.


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