3 Tips I Learned from an Afternoon with Iyanla Vanzant

This past weekend I had the honor of attending an event in Atlanta “an afternoon with Iyanla” It was Everything! She shared stories, aha moments and a ton of life changing information. As an African American spiritual life coach, I didn’t always have many people I could relate to. Iyanla was one of the women in this industry to inspire me, motivate me and whip me into shape. She showed me that woman like me could be successful in the personal and spiritual development industry.  If you don’t have someone who inspires you in your industry…go get ya one! 😉

The most confirming thing about an afternoon with Iyanla was she talked about the things I talk about all the time; just feels like we are on track with our conversations in this community.  The overall message from Iyanla was about the mind…” you can create the life you want with focused thinking … life doesn’t change when you change the contents of your life, life changes when you change the context of your thinking” says Iyanla.  If you need the formula to help with focused thinking (intensely focusing on your desires / the life you want to create), Iyanla says to hold a thought for 3 mins, 3 times a day for 3 weeks…that’s it. Sometimes extreme transformation takes simple steps 🙂

3 more simple tips include:
Every morning…
1. Check that you are alive and full of good energy
2. Smile
3. Say thank you / be grateful.  Always give yourself permission to see what’s going right

Thank you Iyanla for confirming that the right thinking can create a better life and empower us to really believe that we can create any life we want. I am inspired once again ❤


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