Feminine Energy: Explore, Enjoy, Transform…

Feminine energy is creative energy. As women we are all creative! Think about it, we can create babies so I’m thinking it’s safe to say we are creative / have the ability to create.  I’ve been hearing a lot about feminine energy lately – I am realizing what that really means and how powerful it truly is. Feminine energy is that sensual, beautiful, creative thing that women naturally have. In a nutshell, it’s that black girl magic! Tapping into this can really prove to enhance your life and life experiences.  If you’re wondering how to tap into your feminine energy, the easiest path to this is to…you guessed it: create!  Create something! Anything! It doesn’t have to be perfect.  You can start small and this will spark your creativity on deeper and deeper levels.  Don’t worry if you’re not creative in the conventional sense of the word… Neither am I; however I am very creative in creating transformational processes and techniques for my coaching clients. It’s all about giving yourself permission to create.  Every now and then I will pull out a blank canvas and some paint to do some abstract painting. I don’t do this because I am Picasso or anything…it actually turns out looking like a 5 year old did it. The point is just to give yourself permission to be creative, spark your creativity, tap into your feminine energy, get deeper into it, explore, explore more, enjoy and transform.  This week, I challenge you to be creative. I promise it’ll be rewarding, intoxicating and of course transformational. Enjoy!


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  1. turning20web says:

    Great post..!! Being creative makes us happy…

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