Kicking off the Year by Taking a Look Back

Photo by Chayene Rafaela on Unsplash

A Year with H.E.R. 


Here are the top five posts for 2018. If you missed them, don’t worry you can catch up on them now. If you’ve already read them, we’d love for you to pass them along or let us know what you think.

Dear Sis: An Open Letter to Black Women

The H.E.R. behind Him: A Salute to Mrs. Coretta Scott King

The Black Woman’s Survival Guide

Six Little Letter with an Incredible Impact

Rep Yo City…with some Wine and Words


Tell Us What You Want H.E.R. to Talk About! 

H.E.R. Crisis is a community where we talk about the good and the bad that crosses our paths, with a goal to inspire action and self-love along the way. Tell us what other topics you want us to talk about in 2019 like blended families, how to redo your fireplace, natural remedies for toddler colds, or mental checks for the busy woman. Email us at We want to hear from you!


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