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You finally made it to Friday! You did that sis! Now take a break with a quick read from DNC. Enjoy her short story, “The Season for Living”, from her #12daysofashortstory challenge on her blog

The Season for Living
by DNC

Snow danced with the wind to the rhythm of the sun’s heartbeat. It was a beautiful sight and my slight jealous took me away from my own tango.

He was a longtime friend, turned short-term lover and I prayed we hadn’t messed it up forever. The brotherly type who was there when my ex tried to put his hands on me. The friend who helped with my car when my father was too busy with his other kids. The son who’s head I patted on my shoulder at his mother’s funeral.

I thought out journey was filled with only high-fives and bear hugs, not deep kisses and smooth touches. But I’m thankful. I asked God for the one but Santa left him on my doorstep. Maybe Santa was truly an angel too.

Who knew that love would come from a phone call from the Cobb County Police department the night before Christmas?

The phone only rang once before I answered it and I knew exactly who it was. Cade had to work that night since he was the youngest on the squad. The double-edged sword in being a rookie but the fittest officer on the squad. He always called when things were slow which made me smile since I knew he wasn’t in danger.

I pick up. “What’s going on Cade Day?” That’s the nickname our group of friends gave him because of his motto: Any day was a great day if it’s a Cade Day. Which was for the most part right.

“Nothing much Tee Top,” which was a nickname that he gave me as a play on my first and last name – Teanna Thompson.

“What do you want?” I jokily urged him to get to the point. He normally told me about how the night was going. How someone used a ridiculous excuse to get out of a ticket or something. He once told me about this guy who was not only speed but of course drunk and his excuse was that the wind was helping to sober him up as he drove so he had to go fast. People are so reckless.

“Man, it’s like that now.”

“No, you know I’m joking. How are you though?”

“I’m good. I’ve just been thinking.” His voice tapers down like something is wrong.

“What’s wrong. What happened.”

“Nothing’s wrong for real. I’ve just been thinking.” His thoughts were never all over the place. He was a strategist by nature so I knew something must have been eating him up to make him so down.

“Alright man. Tell me or do I need to come out there and find you?”His laughed opened the door some. He paused and took a breath.

“Look don’t judge me but, I think I’m in love.”

“What the…” I caught myself. Who the hell was this broad? He hasn’t told me about anyone lately. I mean yay there was that thotty ass hot Rachelle but I thought she was out of his system. I feel a fire growing inside but not in a good way. A green fire that I have to hide for now.

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