*Y-Not: Diversify your exercise

*Y-Not posts are those post that challenge you to really step out of your box and try something new. It makes you ask yourself literally why not?

Today’s *Y-not post is focused on health and fitness. I have put a lot of effort towards eating better and working out on a weekly basis. I love to run but I have to admit that I have adult ADD and I’ve become bored with the treadmill, trails, ellipticals and all the usual cardio machines. So have decided to venture out and  trying new cardio fitness things. First I started with Zumba on the Wii…that’s pretty cool. Then on-demand cable workouts…different but they go too fast on most. Now I’m on to something else…Pole fitness. Yes I said it…pole fitness. Y-not!

Me and my girl bought coupons on Groupon and to started the first of our 5-class series at Pole Fan Addicts, Inc. I have to admit, it was everything I thought it would be; sexy, challenging, relaxing and fun. Techniques taught today include the fireman swing, nice and nasty flamingo, the booty wiggle and much more. Sure I didn’t get all the tricks on the first day but by day 5 I’m going to be able to show off. Our instructor GiGi was a dancer for 10 yrs and was recently featured in the new 2 Chainz video. I definitely suggest for all women to take just one class. You get a chance to put on a character, embrace your sexy and be proud. No matter your build, athleticism or rhythm you should definitely try a class. If you’re in Atlanta, Pole Fan Addicts is a great spot.

Discuss question: Why has there been a negative connotation with strippers/exotic dancers? Most are pros at what they do, so are others just jealous. What do you think?


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  1. Jessica says:

    I don’t think jealousy is the issue at all. I think that it is, and will continue to be, one of America’s taboos. For me personally, the only difference between an exotic dancer and prostitute is the absence of the sexual act itself; they are both the process of using ones body to make money. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not at all judging anyone. I can’t attest to anyone’s struggle and their reasonings for partaking in this particular industry. However, I have to ask myself, “are they truly making an HONEST living”?? Yes, it is a fast way to make money. Yes, on any given night the amount of money collected can be quite substantial. But, at what cost did you just earn all of that? I just don’t think it is necessary to sell a piece of yourself just to make a buck. But, that is just my opinion 🙂

  2. midwyfecrisis says:

    Good point Jessica.

    Let me throw out some additional questions for everyone to ponder on: Are we not in some way shape or form selling a part of us? Our mind, our hands and even our bodies, just with clothes on. Is there really a difference? Many strippers/exotic dancers are formally trained in dance. Most work to perfect their technique like the majority of us in our careers. The US is one of the few countries who still treat nudity and sexuality as a taboo…Y? And do you think if that changed so will our thoughts on strippers/exotic dancers?

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