Bucket List: Flash Mobbing it out!

Most of my friends and family know that I love to dance. No I’m not formally trained in anything other than booty shaking but it still doesn’t stop me from wanting to expand my horizon. I have master routines like every Aaliyah video (and I do mean every video even the slow songs), many but not all Beyoncé videos, I was a part of a small dance group back in my college days and I’ve even jumped into pole fitness. But the one thing I have yet to figure out was how to get the inside track on participating in a Flash Mob routine!? Seriously, I love those things, especially the good ones where you really see people enjoying themselves. I’m seeking a flash mob Michael Jackson routine here in the A; any song will work for me. With his birthday coming up on Aug. 29th, I have yet to find where I can join a mob but let it be known that I will in one so be shocked when you see me on one of these videos. Below are some of my favs.

Warning: This may not be a bucket list item for everyone, especially not for my rhythm-less sisters, but personally, I’m going to make it happen!


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