Find Pride in Knowing Your Roots

As we observe Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. today, let us all reflect back on the not only his accomplishments but his dreams and ever-growing power. I entitled this post as I did because not matter your race, African-American, Caucasian, Asian-American, Hispanic-American and so on, Dr. King is a part of OUR gty_martin_luther_king_memorial_jp_110815_wghistory. His message and mission has molded this country into what we see today; a “melting pot” of people who continue to break barriers.

It’s amazing to hear the stories of my mother-in-law as she describes the day that Dr. King was taken from us, which occurred the day before her birthday. You can tell if feels just like yesterday to her. I can see her eyes fill with tears just thinking about the devastation it caused not only her family but everyone she touched.

Then I see my youngest step-daughter reciting facts about him; things that I didn’t know. Did you know Dr. King was born Michael and later changed his name Martin? I am not ashamed to admit that I didn’t until she told me. Dr. Kings is one of her role models. She even wrote a paper on him for school, explaining why he is to this day an amazing person to her. What a legacy!martin-luther-king-jr-quote

As my family and I get ready to watch our First African-American President take his next steps into his second term, let us all take a moment to reflect on where we have been as a country, where we are as people and where we can go through our kids.


Happy Belated Birthday Dr. King! Your dreams remain alive through us all.



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  1. *SMH* says:

    I had forgotten about Dr.King’s birth name until my son (Tyler) re-educated me on that fact. As we focus on the business of life, we forget certain facts. That’s the beauty of children, they remind you of the little things.

    It’s heart warming to know that our future leaders are learning how their road (including ours) was paved.

    Well done Sis!

    1. midwyfecrisis says:

      Our kids are truly a sign of the future and the future is looking great! Thanks for reading!

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