[The Movement] The Revolution WILL Be Televised Vol2

Yes I’m interrupting our regular Mid-WYFE Motivation to share UNITY news in our community that crosses racial, political and religious lines. Happy Monday! And oh please don’t miss the last story…it’s a tear jerker!

Urban EthYcs

More #blacklivesmatter #nonjusticenopeace news for you! I’m humbled and even more proud to push this message out. Change starts within each of us.

In this edition protesters and supporters are seen both here and internationally pushing for justice. on 12/13/14 protests occurred around the nation. Questions about justice is even crossing party lines from Democrats to Republicans. AND please don’t miss the last story because there is some positive news about the true “good guys”.

“Enough is enough”: Tens of thousands march to protest police violence

121314 protests

Staffers Walk Out of Congress in Protest Over Brown and Garner CasesBlack Congressional staffers walkout

NBA and NFL players join demonstrations against police violence

NBA and NFL players join protesters with demostrations

Boehner: ‘A lot of unanswered questions’ in Micheal Brown, Eric Garner Cases

Boehner on Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases

UK police arrest 76 at ‘die-in’ protests in London

London protests

Secret Santa saves Christmas


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