I challenge you to see yourself differently…bc the truth is, YOU are MAGIC!

I don’t have many regrets or at least I try not to, however I must admit, if I could redo one thing in life, I would see myself differently.  As women, it is so easy for us to see the talents, greatness and beauty in others but it’s tough to see it in ourselves.  

As we reflect back on life, as far back as childhood, it’s easy to notice our feeling of unworthiness or just outright negative feelings towards self.

The good news is that moving forward we can always choose to see ourselves differently.  Even if you are doing pretty good in this area there is always room to evolve and see yourself in better positions financially, relationships, etc.  

If you’re wondering how, I find that the best way to see yourself differently is to pay attention to your thought

A lot of the time we just allow our thoughts to float around in our head and we attach to them as truths. And they are not! 

When we take the time to pay attention to our thoughts, we are awarded the opportunity to filter through which ones are in alignment with the truth– that we arr powerful, magical, and creative women! Then and only then, do we can compassionately discard the thoughts that don’t serve us (thanks for the thought, but bye Felicia!). 

At the end of the day, it’s flattering how other people see you but what matters most is how you see yourself.  When you see yourself different, your feelings/emotions improve, your daily actions improve and ultimately your life improves.  

I challenge everybody down with the H.E.R. Crisis movement to work on improving how we see ourselves. I find that this is a daily practice. In time, more powerful aligned thoughts become more of your norm.  Just keep pushing…it’s the thought that counts 😉


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