10 Things to LOVE about following your dreams…

Hey Beautiful Ladies–

In celebrating 2 years in business as a life coach / entrepreneur I came up with a gratitude / appreciation type list of everything I LOVE about my business.  Whether you are currently following your dreams, in the process of figuring it all out orrr even thinking about pursuing your dreams I want to share this list with you.  My intention is that this will motivate you on your journey and even encourage you to document your own gratitude / appreciation along the way. As we know, whatever we appreciate, appreciate$ and when we are grateful life provides us with more things to be grateful for (these are the types of lessons I hear on Oprah Super Soul Sunday by the way- LOVE!).  Here goes – Check out my top 10 things I LOVE about following my dreams:

  1. I get to express myself / God given gifts – for some reason expressing my gifts and helping others feels really rewarding – when I hold myself back from self-expression it can sometimes lead to being in a funk, depression and just feeling really blah about life.


  1. I get to help women SEE themselves differently and therefore live different lives more aligned to their desires – I naturally see the best / greatness in people – building a business where I monopolize on this feels really aligned with God’s will for my life.



  1. I love the freedom of creating a schedule that works for me and doing things as I see fit aligned to God’s will – this one speaks for itself, freedom to create one’s own schedule is like a dream come true and provides more time for things you LOVE to do.


  1. I love my brand colors – I’m happy that I was able to take something I love in my personal life and incorporate it into my brand – to know me is to know I LOVE the combination of the colors black, white and red.


  1. I love the conversations and awareness’s that come up during client calls – coaching calls are thrilling for me and quite magical even. After each call I am always filled up with so much excitement and gratitude. Having this feeling on a regular basis is a dream come true.



  1. I love the spirituality talk my business provides – I was once scared to express how spiritual I really am. My business allows a platform for me to come out of the ‘spiritual closet’ and discuss all the transformational laws of the universe that God designed to help our lives.


  1. I LOVE my clients and women who I interact with – I meet some AMAZING people on the entrepreneur journey.


  1. I LOVE my brand features and collaborations / connections – interviews, affiliations and blog features life this one are definitely on the top list of things I enjoy. Being in collaboration with like minds is priceless.
  2.  I LOVE my 2017 head shot – If I must say so myself I am really happy with how my 2017 new brand picture came out. Sometimes it’s the little things.


  1. I LOVE that my business brings in money and I’m so grateful for it ALL 🙂 – sometimes it’s hard to believe that you can make money doing what you love however when it starts to happen the feeling is like none other – everyone deserves it! ❤



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