Freedom Steps – The Easy 1,2,3 Steps to True Freedom for Millennial Women!

Woman like us are almost always seeking some sort of freedom – whether that be financial freedom, time freedom or even creative freedom and the ability to express our true selves.  So by ‘Freedom Steps’ I am referring to the things that need to be done on a daily basis to actually gain that true freedom we crave. The idea here is that in order to BEcome who we are trying to BEcome – we must first BE that person.   Let me share a quick real example to bring this concept to life and then I’ll get right to the 3 easy steps.  When I met my best friend almost 20 years ago, she always said one thing she knows for sure about her life is that she wanted to be a wife and mother.  At the time, we had no idea what we wanted out of life career wise, etc. however she was clear on the wife / mother thing. I admired that about her and she had a real life example of a wonderful wife/mother in her own Mother.   When she met her husband, of course she didn’t become his wife right away however she exuded the wife like characteristics early on (honesty, loyalty, nurturing, etc) and did things to show and prove.  Today, they are happily married with two beautiful children, won’t he do it!


The truth is, we can have or do whatever we want. We can be who we want and create the freedom we desire.  It’s not fantasy, dreams really do come true…the problem is it doesn’t happen out of nowhere.  There is a process to everything and you must BE that future person first.  Use my 3 easy steps as your guide:

  1. Clarity – gain 100% complete clarity on what it is you truly want. What freedom are you trying to create? You can even create vision boards, goals, affirmations, etc. on this truth. Work with this clarity daily to shift your subconscious (my personal favs are affirmations and visualization) and give yourself permission to believe freedom is on the way.
  2. Exude – what are the characteristics of this future person and how can you exude these characteristics, action steps, etc. on a daily basis. Once you identify what’s needed, this should be incorporated into your daily to do list. For example, if your future self takes a lot of risks maybe it’s time to start taking some educated risks 😉
  3. Action – every successful person with a freedom based lifestyle talks about all the action they take outside of their comfort zone. I’m sure a lot of action that Obama took was very uncomfortable leading up to presidency however his efforts landed him the position of the President of the united states. So yeah, everyday you must take an action step outside of your comfort zone based on whatever lifestyle you are trying to create.

When you are clear, exude your future self and take action outside of your comfort zone…true freedom is on the way!


PS: don’t forget to enjoy the process and count your blessings. It’s a road of ups and downs however a beautiful journey, enjoy!

With Love and Purpose,

Janae Martin – Life coach and Spiritual Adviser


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